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Security has always been a concern in both residential and corporate environments, but never more than today. Fortunately technology has grown to suite the security needs in all sectors. Between surveillance cameras, closed circuit television, and access control systems, you can monitor a location and restrict access to that location remotely from anywhere. Evolve Technologies has been in the security technology sector for years and is fully proficient in the planning and deployment of these systems independently or integrated with each other.

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Access Control Systems

Access control systems are exactly what they sound like; they restrict access to locations based on some form of authentication. Popular methods of authentication include card readers, number pads, and even biometric sensors to determine whether or not a specific area can be accessed. These systems can be setup with any number of user configurations that allow some areas for some user but prevent areas for others, allowing granular control of the access in your facility.

Access Control in Your Environment

Access control is different for every industry and should be configured to your specific needs. Modern hotels use card readers for each door that are programmed to work only between certain times and only for outer doors to the hotel and to their respective rooms. Factories will typically use card systems that assign each employee a card based on their role in the employee structure that will allow them access to only areas that their job function dictates is necessary. Even publicly accessible gyms will give cards to their members that allow only members access to the facility and certain areas within. No matter what the industry, there is a use case for access control. If you are not sure about yours or would like more information, reach out to us today to discuss options and the best strategy for implementing your access control system.

Brivo Access Control

Do you need to ramp up the security in your office or building? One easy way to increase security is to implement Brivo access control systems. A Brivo system gives you the power to decide who can get into your building and when they can get in, and it's easier to use than the average key-card system. Call Evolve Technologies today to learn more about this system.
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Better and Smarter

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Brivo Onair automates your access control solution so you don’t have to spend time managing it. Our security platform can automate every aspect of access control, from simple to complex. Save time and reduce work, Manage it all from one system, Control all access at all times.

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