Surveillance Camera Systems

Security has always been a concern in both residential and corporate environments, but never more than today. Fortunately technology has grown to suite the security needs in all sectors. Between surveillance cameras, closed circuit television, and access control systems, you can monitor a location and restrict access to that location remotely from anywhere. Evolve Technologies has been in the security technology sector for years and is fully proficient in the planning and deployment of these systems independently or integrated with each other.

IP Surveillance Cameras

IP surveillance camera systems have become sophisticated enough to track motion and alert you with text messages and still frame photos when that motion is detected. Smartphone apps have been developed that allow you to view surveillance cameras from anywhere and pan, tilt, and zoom those cameras if they are equipped with those features. Many of these cameras come with infrared sensors that are able to see in the darkest environments clearly in order to properly monitor an area. Most of these systems come equipped with the ability to monitor multiple cameras at one time while displaying many or all of them on a screen at once. There are so many different types of cameras that are all designed for different environments and different scenarios. Contact Evolve Technologies today to go over your specific needs and determine the best type of camera to use for your environment.

Surveillance camera mounted to a brick wall observing the ground.

Eagle Eye Networks

Cloud management

Video management system

With Eagle Eye’s cloud solution, there is no software to buy or update, no license or operating system to manage. You can connect a new camera at any time, or change the retention period of your recordings, for example.

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  • Fully encrypted video during transmission and at rest.
  • Cameras isolated from network
  • No open ports or firewall configuration necessary


  • Intuitive interface, smart AI and advanced analytics.
  • Intelligent bandwidth management.
  • Triple redundant video and metadata storage.


  • Compatible with existing IP or analog cameras.
  • Cloud storage with on-premise options.
  • Reduce CapEx with pay as you go Cloud model.


Traditional video security systems require substantial amounts of hardware, complicated installations and constant software maintenance and management.  Eagle Eye Networks is here to change that. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS revolutionizes video surveillance with an infinitely scalable and comprehensive solution that streamlines everything from user management to flexible cloud and on-site storage options.

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