Cell Phone Amplification

Weak cellular signal at work or at home can be frustrating and make it difficult to conduct important business or personal matters. There are various ways to combat this problem, though what most people do is try to switch to a wireless carrier that they would normally not use in hopes that they get better coverage in locations that they are at the most. An alternative is to use a product from Wilson Pro that will take a weak cellular signal and amplify it in a given area.

How It Works

The Wilson Pro cellular signal booster will work with the carrier of your choice by targeting the specific channels that your cell phone provider uses and amplify those specifically. The cell phone booster works for any device that uses cell phone signal to operate such as cell phones, air cards for computers, tablets, or even specific vending machines or Internet of Things devices. Evolve Technologies is a proud partner of Wilson Pro and we have become experts in the deployment and configuration of Wilson Pro cell signal booster equipment.

Image showing that signal comes from the cell phone tower, hits the antenna for the Wilson Pro device, and is broadcasted out to cell phone.


External antenna is directed toward cell tower


Signal is sent to a booster system inside the building


Internal antennas bring boosted signal to the customer


System is then reversed back to the cell tower allowing for seamless communication

Why Choose Wilson Pro?

Everywhere you look you can find cell phone signal boosters that all advertise that they are the strongest out there and that they are capable of adequate signal coverage in your location, and Wilson Pro is no exception. According to data from third party independent lab tests, Wilson Pro in-building products provide up to 30 times more coverage area than any products offered by its closest competitor. The tests were conducted by CKC laboratories of Brea, California, and Compliance Testing, LLC based in Mesa, Arizona. All tests occurred during the FCC certification process for each signal booster. The results are public record available at http://transition.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid

Coverage map showing an entire house has coverage using the Wilson Pro device.
Coverage map showing only partial coverage by other brands of cellular signal repeaters.
Wilson Pro and Evolve Technologies offers a range of products from smaller solutions for residential installations to robust components and configurations that scale indefinitely across your site whether it is a large home, an office, or even a hotel or a hospital. Evolve Technologies can help ensure that you have great cell phone signal anywhere that you need it, just shoot as an email at [email protected] to learn about which solutions is best suited to your needs.

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