Cloud and Unified Communications

The business case for a converged communications network is becoming increasingly compelling. Convergence can be highly effective, both as a value generator and as a cost-containment tool.

Convergence can also optimize network security, manageability and scalability while providing an attractive return on investment (ROI) with a manageable total cost of ownership (TCO). At Evolve Technologies, we recognize that the migration to a converged environment is complicated. However, with our unique know-how and practical experience, our objective is to help the customer understand the process and the benefits of a converged voice and data network environment.

For those for whom convergence is not yet appropriate, Evolve Technologies applies the same unique skills, expertise and service quality to its support of traditional voice and data networks.

What does “unified communications” mean?

Unified communications is the practice of integrating communication channels from several different sources.
Some of those solutions include:

    • Instant messaging
    • Web conferencing (looking for Evolve Technologies web conferencing? Click Here)
    • IP telephony
    • Desktop sharing
    • Data sharing
    • Call control
    • Email
    • Presence Information
Yealink SIP - T48G Phone
For years the only way to achieve most of these functions would be to choose different products for each function and purchase and use them separately. Purchasing all of these different products usually comes at a great cost in order to properly communicate. There are absolutely better ways to accomplish these tasks and integrate them into one or a few solutions to make it easy to use for everyone at your organization.

How can Evolve Technologies help?

Evolve Technologies offers a fully featured hosted PBX that integrates many of the features above together. Our hosted PBX solution saves you money every month while simultaneously making your phone system easier to use. Our hosted phone system also adds on the useful benefit of allowing you to work from anywhere and use your corporate phone and phone number. This saves you the headache of giving out personal cell phone numbers to customers and risking receiving calls all hours of the day and night.

Need more information or a quote? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for personalized service.

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